About Us
Frances enjoys people and teaching as well as the art of ceramics.  The
art and science of ceramics includes all forms of clay, including earthen
ware and stoneware.  She also has a small area for local crafts to be
displayed and sold. The shop displays mainly bisque, as greenware can
become too dry to clean and work with efficiently over time. Green ware
is normally poured to order. Bisque is readily available at the shop or it
too can be poured to order.  She also does finished earthen ware to your
design.  All of her work is original and one of a kind. The stoneware is
especially a work of original art and no two leaves or pieces will ever be
the same. Stoneware is not done to order.
Since she has a great number of molds, not all are poured and fired in
bisque for display at any given time. If you want something you do not
see, then ask. It is quite possible there is a mold back in the basement at
home for the item or one much like it.
Since she still pours and fires at home then the hours are restricted at the
shop. Call the shop and leave a message or call us at home. The number
is given on the machine at the shop number.
The shop began in Frances’ basement in her home down on the Mitchell
River, thus the name became Mitchell River Crafts. Ceramics and pottery
have been a hobby for many years, beginning while she was on a military
base with her husband Terry.
The business actually began almost as an accident when she saw an ad
for molds from a lady closing her shop and thought she might buy a
couple to start pouring her own pieces again. Of course she came home
with a few (almost 3,000 from that first shop, two pouring tables, and
three kilns).
Frances is a certified Duncan Instructor and for several years she
poured, cleaned, fired and had classes in the basement. Then the rock
house in downtown Mountain Park was opened for classes and a retail
store. Later she moved to the current location in State Road. She
continues to pour, throw, and fire at home in the basement: hence the
sometimes, weird hours to cover all the business of manufacturing,
cleaning, firing, etc. that must still be done at home. Come by and see the
shop and you’ll see there is no room for her constantly growing collection
of molds.

Quality in pouring is accomplished by using a quality slip and  by
pouring a heavier body with better fitted added parts, and cleaning the
bisque to not only totally remove the seams but also to add back in the
missing detail and are trademarks of the shop.  
Firing to not only the proper cones but also with the proper spacing
within the kiln and proper build up time for each firing level removes
the impurities on bisque and prepares it to be used as well as admired.
Proper firing levels and times for glazes again prepare the finished
ware to be used as well as a showpiece of your art.

A Christian Shop
Since 1990

Mitchell River Crafts & Ceramics
1020 Klondike Road
State Road, NC 28676
(336) 874-4413
(336) 366-3086

Conveniently located half way between New York
and Miami!
Frances McCaslin - Artist  and  Owner